zocAALo – research project to create new marketplace for health apps

Urs Baumeler, 15.2.2017

As a participant in the European consortium “zocAALo”, YouPers is building a new marketplace for health apps. In contrast to existing App Stores like Google Play Store or Apple App Store, the new platform focuses on to the user segment of the elderly.

On the one hand, YouPers will support and accelerate the app development with purpose-built tools. Best Practices, for example in User Interaction Design and data synchronization are incorporated in the Software Development Kit (SDK), so that designers and developers get firs-hand knowledge to build their apps. A new Certification process validates the created apps and indicates what shortcomings still need to be resolved. The certification process is complemented by experts that are on hand for consulting and assistance whenever needed.

On the other hand, end users such as the elderlies and their family members or any other caregiver get a tool to simply search and find an appropriate and validated app. With this offering, zocAALo will get providers and consumers of health apps closer together and ultimately bring an added value for both sides.

The developments in this project will be published on the project website.