New Marketplace for Elderly People (International Research Project)

Together with several partner organisations from Spain, Italy and Austria, YouPers has startet its 4th European joint project ( to develop an innovative software platform acting as a marketplace in the field of elderly care. Provider of products and services (not only digital products) will meet the demand of elderly people and their informal caregiver.


The new solution ( aims at providing a combination of functionalities and features not available in existing platforms:

  • completely accessible and usable user interfaces
  • availability of an adaptable launcher for clients (both primary and secondary end-users) to receive/offer personalized services
  • tools for selecting the most suitable certified applications
  • web and mobile environments
  • possibility to have a unique patient-management tool for service providers (not one for each application)
  • tools for developers focused on the implementation of apps for mobile platforms.

We are looking forward to getting astonishing results!