AAL project INSPIRATION successfully completed

The goal of INSPIRATION is it to help older adults living a healthier life to stay mentally and physically fit. Our digital coach will motivate them to be active – every day!

INSPIRATION provides health tips and motivates to perform recurring movement exercises. A daily planner schedules activities and also integrates health tips into shopping lists. Activities are recorded and displayed in a health agenda, where reading rights can be granted to relatives, friends and caregivers. Pressing the done button and the awareness of the performed activities become the main motivators.

The consortium of 9 project partners has now successfully completed the AAL-JP project INSPIRATION. With the submission of all deliverables and the preparation of the final reports this project comes to an end. A prototype of the INSPIRATION service has been deployed to the Android PlayStore and Field tests were executed in Switzerland and Belgium.

The public deliverables can be accessed at the project website:

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